Meet the Staff

About me,  JJ:

~ owner of Go!! mObile. 

~ grooming since 2007. 

- Certified Veterinary Technician from 2000-2007

​~Member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) since 2012.  

`Member of the International Society  for Canine Cosmotolgy (ISCC) since 2015

~professional and award winning photographer, member & judge:  Bay Area Photography Club since 2011

~Breeder Award Points officer for Atlanta Area Aquarium Society 2010-2011

~Monthly Bathe and Brush  Galveston county Pomeranian Premier owner/Handler/Breeder's sassy pack of    smiles

~Groomed show Mi-Ki's who, sporting my work, one best in show, best in rarities and best of breed

~Pro Bono work for League City Animal Shelter

Proud Mama of Eleanor Jayne.  A Fine Young DogWoman and Everyone's Favorite!  I get to do the "Mean" stuff, While  Beeps (Eleanor) is There assuring Them of their eventual safe passage. :) :)

~Teaching the next generation of responsible, conscientious  students while salon manager  2007-2009

August 1998-March 2000: Bel Rea Institue of Animal Technology.  Received Associate's Degree in Applied Science.


January-March 2000:  Clinical internship at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, Denver, Colorado.


January 2001:  State Boards taken:  Received licensure from Colorado Association for Certified veterinary Technicians.



~NDGAA workshop covering Springer Spaniel and Poodle competition grooming and handstripping,

~ISCC PetPro grooming symposium in Dallas.  Attended 12 classes over 3 days.  Topics included: canine              behavior, business management, scissoring techniques and creative grooming.

 ~Private, 8 hour lesson with NDGAA certified master groomer.  Scissoring and drying techniques for the poodle.

 ~Bichon scissoring workshop/seminar taught by world competitive  and Groomteam USA member, Olga Zablinskaya



~Seminar taught by world renowned competitive groomer Sue Zecco. 

~Skin and Coat 101 seminar and certification from Pure Paws.

~3 Day certification for skin and coat care consulting from Pure Paws

 ~ISCC Pet Pro Classic.  4 days skin and coat care module for Master certification


~Certification Veterinary Aroma Therapy via Ashi


~Created The Temple of the Dog Biotherapeutix of Texas LLC.

~Breeder of World Class F1, F1b & Multigenerational labradoodles.

                                         With an F1 and F1b litter planned for Spring 2019!



Industry pertinent Papers and Lectures:  " Immunity and the white blood cells", "Poodle styling", "1.8 Cineol: Yes your Gramma's Eucalytpus & Camphor Chest Rub!" , A 10 minute oral history of "The New Breeds."  Prefaced on the simple fact that No, humans weren't  finished with manipulating Canine genes for their own Benefit in 1980. A Treatise on the ever-evolving relationship between Dogs and People & a Defense for Doodles, of any combination. And the vitriol that ensues",  workshops concerning Veterinary BioTherapeutix applications for  Salon Owners and their Employees, Scissoring on a Mobile, Pet-Related Business Classes/building Add-on's and one-of-a-kind services to create loyalty to your business model,  Mobile Grooming, Pet Photography,  building add-on services Mobile and Store Front.


Me, JJ!

The old van.  The groomers who helped with pro bono shelter work.


"I got out of a regularly scheduled bedtime to come and see the mock-up docked in Nassau Bay.  It doesn't matter that my Mama is a Space Nerd. I squeezed another 8n hours out of this event."

JJ's Georgie Girl, an F1 LabREDoodle, at 4 months.

Eleanor and I on our way  to the Astro's World Series Parade in 2017!!!!!!  No school AND baseball? You know it!
Who Else went?!

Skye grooming a League City Animal Shelter puppet