Services and Prices

Go!! Mobile and Go!! Green.!!

                      Now Offering                                       Exclusive to Go Mobile Pet               custom Made Mud Baths, exfoliating/skin polishing and essential oils Blends.

        Truly ! an Alternative solution  For many stubborn, Chronic or seasonal skin concerns,

                 Skin and coat Polishing, Detox, odor Control, Exfoliating

                                    Pricing varies 








Bath and Brush (B&B):soothing, aqua massage bath, facial scrub, deep skin and coat conditioner, ears cleansed, nails clipped & buffed (if tolerated), anal glands expressed (upon request only and $5 additional), hand dried, brushed out, finishing products, bandana,  Canine Safe Aroma Therapy, comprehensive service overview


Touch Up Groom (TUG):  all of the above with the addition of neatening of the face, feet and tail, sanitary  and pads shaved


Full Groom (FG):  all of the above with the addition of a haircut on the entire dog.


Specialty baths available: 

Flea Bath Protocol:          $20

Medicated Bath Protocol: $20

Anti-Itch Bath Protocol: $20

2 step, Anti-Microbial, healing Exfoliation & Clay Mask: $10-$25




Small dog (up to 10#)

B&B:  $70+

TUG:  $80

FG:     $90+


Medium dog (10-45#)

B&B:  $75+

TUG:  $85+

FG:     $95+


Large Dog (46-80#)

B&B:  $85+

TUG:  $95+

FG:     $115+


Extra Large Dog (81+ )

B&B:  $110+

TUG:  $130+

FG:     $195 +


***These are the base fees and do not include trip fee or Texas State sales tax of 8.25%


Prices are dependent on condition of coat, type of coat and complexity/labor intensity of the service, And the height of the dog along with his weight.  Prices are based on the amount of time needed to complete the service.


Difficult dogs will incur a special handling fee to be assessed at $95/hr and on a case-by-case basis at the time of the service. 



All dogs with fleas are required to get a flea bath at full cost of flea bath




A la Carte:

Nail Trim $20

Nail Grind $30

Anal Glands Expressed: $30 (includes odor removal spray)

Ears Cleansed and Plucked $30


State and Local sales tax apply @ 8.25%


We accept Cash and Checks only




Now accepting new clients in Seabrook only.

Doodles, Golden Retrievers

& Standard Poodles

start at $160 for Full Groom