Why Choose Go!! Mobile Pet?

There is  a difference.

~My clients expect the very best: from  education and talent, to the cleanliness of the salon, to health promoting, ultra high end products and tools-I cater to those who do not want just any groomer.


~Highly customized plan, carefully crafted exclusively for your dog's individual needs.


~Extensive, ultra high-end product menu to satisfy every need for  the skin and Coat


~JJ  attend s industry sanctioned workshops, seminars, symposiums and webinars.


~Member of the NdgAA since 2012 & ISCC since 2015


~Small daily work schedule=no rushing and less stress


~Legally paid stylists removes groomer turnover concerns


~Over 30 years experience with EVERY  aspect of canine needs:      






~Exceptional listening and communication skills.


~dogs are in my soul!!   :)





~I am only accepting new,  Seabrook clients with 2-5 dogs per household, who will commit to keeping 1, 2, or 4 week standing appointments.  1/3, & growing of my clients are latch key! 

                                  Thank You!


AKC Salon Safety Certified

   ISCC Memeber