Cancellations:   Please give At least 24 hour notice prior to appointment.

First "No Call, No Show" incurs a $75, non-refundable fee due at next appointment.

Second "No Call, No Show" no services will be rendered in the future, unless the service is prepaid.

Payment: unless otherwise arranged, payment is due upon completion of services. No rainchecks or IOU's.  Returned checks will incur a $35 fee with future payments to be made in cash only.


Aggressive and other behaviorally challenged dogs:

We specialize in dogs with special needs, and, as with any other specialty field, there is an extra charge.

It is imperative that full disclosure of the nature of the behavior is given BEFORE the service is performed, NOT after! Dogs who are known biters, snappers, are anxious, fearful, excitable or hyper must be approached and handled differently from dogs who are not.  Please remember that one bite can end a groomer's career. 

If it is found necessary to seek medical treatment, owners are responsible for all medical bills resultant from their pet biting a groomer.

If we cannot finish the groom due to a dog's behavior, a charge for all services rendered will be assessed.  Trip fee and tax apply.


Matted pets:  de-matting will be assessed on a case by case basis and will incur additional charges.  Go!! Mobile Pet is not responsible for injuries caused during the removal of mats such as cutting a mole/wart, hot spots, itching, aural hematomas, dandruff, or nicks or scratches from clipper blades set on a low length to accomodate tight or cast matted dogs.  Regular brushing will negate the need for this type of service.  A signed Matted Pet Release Form will be obtained before procedure begins.


Mechanical failure, Inclement weather and other unforseen events:  we will give you as much advanced notice as possible and reschedule, with preference ,to fulfill the appointment commitment.


Please make sure to potty your dog before (s)he comes onto the van.


Ear Plucking- WE do not pluck infected ears;  that is the realm of a veterinarian.  I also believe that if a dog has no medical reason (i.e. a history of ear infections) for plucking the ears, they shouldn't be plucked.  There is mounting evidence that plucking ears is more harmful than beneficial.  I also only clean what is visibile in the ear; any ear canal involvement is deemed the realm  of your veterinarian.


Anal Gland Expression- WE do not automatically express anal glands for a myriad of reasons.  If they are 75% full or more, then we will express them.  Should the glands not express with gentle pressure, we do not express them;  that is the realm of a veterinarian.