BIOTHERAPEUTIX OF TEXAS        

BioTherapeutix K9 Ear Cleanser is a versatile and absolutely effective alternative to conventional dog ear cleansers.  My professional groomers and I  have been using it exclusively on our Go!! Mobile Pet grooming clients since June 2016, and we all agree that it is truly the best ear cleanser any of us has ever used (that's over 55 years of combined knowledge and experience with most of the products on the market)!  Additionally, professional groomers all over the state of Texas have used my formulation on their own clients, and have provided wonderful,

positive feedback about the powerful, yet gentle effectiveness

of K9 Ear Cleanser.

         I have developed my formulations with one thing in mind:

                                       What's best for our Dogs. 


Its first ingredient is Witch Hazel, a plant that's legendary for its effectiveness as a soothing skin tonic. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and is non-burning on delicate ears; most beneficial for those that are red, sore and swollen.  There is a small percentage of isopropyl (14%) in the Witch Hazel base that acts as a preservative, but is a non-stinging formulation nonetheless.

The remaining ingredients of Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E  Oil,  Essential Oils of Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Myrtle Leaf (Myrtus communis), Cypress (Cupressus simpervirens), German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Eucalyptus globulus, Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendron), Spike Lavender (Lavandula abrialis), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), and Carrot Seed (Daucas carota)  were all selected for either their antimicrobial, anti parasitic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and/or skin healing properties.  As a result, ear wax and odor are safely eliminated. While formulating the blend, I considered the potential for topical allergic reactions, and chose plants known to be hypoallergenic.

I have meticulously sourced my ingredients.  Each essential oil in any of my blends has a MS/GC  report.  I know the country of origin for each plant's  cultivation, how it was cultivated and harvested and how the oil was extracted.  Whenever possible, Organic and Fair Trade ingredients are used

K9 Ear Cleanser

The K9 Ear Cleanser is meant to be a maintenance product.  It's easy to use, smells wonderful and, most importantly, it works wonders!  While the ingredients are certainly strong enough to handle a broad spectrum of pathogens that cause ear infections, it should never replace a veterinarian's advice.  It will safely and gently remove wax and odor.

                                                                            4oz                      $20

Pawsitively Calm

I have developed a calming blend for your pet.  Again, used in Go!!'s daily appointments.  It is truly stunning to see the results!  To a person, professionals are amazed by its efficacy.  It is worth noting that this calming blend is also just as effective on humans.  A few deep inhalations and you will feel decidedly chilled out!

                                                                             15 ml                     $20

Shampoo and Conditioner Additives

I offer packets of additives to dogs' shampoo and conditioner to turn your products into spa treatments that, when used according to directions, will truly help ease skin issues like hot spots, itching and eliminate odor.  Again, these products have been perfected and used with unbelievable results on Go!!'s clients.  You can do this at home, or ask your groomer to add it to your dog's bathing routine.

                                      Shampoo  Additive Scrub:  4oz                       $15

                                      Conditioner Additive Detox Powder 4oz      $25

Mosquito and Flea Repellent.

Sometimes we can't give our dogs conventional flea protection, or sometimes we just want to keep the 'skeeters off while we're outdoors with our dogs.  This blend was created when my Georgie girl was pregnant and couldn't have flea the summer.

                                              Spray bottle 8oz                                       $25


*These products should never be used in lieu of a visit to your veterinarian.

                                    To Place an order,

              contact via email at

                                  or text to 281-508-5370

**A note about the artwork, including the logo and made-in-Texas insignia:  It is all from or inspired by, the artwork created by a Neolithic culture, called the Cucuteni-Tripillian Culture. who lived in what is now NE Romania and Ukraine  4500 - 3500 BCE .  The Cucuteni captured the dog's spirit exceptionally well, and with reverence.Their affinity for dogs is evidenced by repeated use of dogs on their pottery which was used both  in ritual and  day-to-day life.